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Planned and Reactive Maintenance

Pirbright Electrical, working with other group members, can provide complete Planned, Preventative Maintenance (PPM) and Reactive Maintenance for all Mechanical and Electrical services in your property. We already successfully deliver this service to Government Estate, Stores, Schools and Nursing Homes

Allow us to enable you to concentrate on your core business activety and service delivery without fear of failures due to orders imposed by Health and Safety Agency, Fire Officers or other Inspectorates. We will provide and update a log book  for your premises and this will be available for inspection by the various Authorities who monitor conformity to the various regulations. Our service includes a 7 day 24 hour emergency call out service for breakdowns but planned maintenance will reduce the number of electrical failures.

The benefits our service offers to our existing and potential Clients are;

  • Conformance to the Statutory obligations
  • Extended life expectancy of the plant and equipment
  • Safer environment for the building users and visitors
  • Known planned maintenance costs
  • Peace of mind and reduced insurance claims
  • Transparency of compliance through the site log book being maintained by us
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