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Jointing & Groundwork

Excavations, Trenching, Jointing & Groundwork

With company owned excavation and earth moving plant we are the ideal candidates to carry out any of the above services to suit your needs. With our own plant at your disposal we are able to cut costs associated with hire and outsourcing exploratory/trenching works.

Temporary power is also sourced in house to ensure minimal disruption throughout. And upon completion we will ensure all groundwork are properly compacted and re-laid to the highest standard.

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Excavations, Trenching, Jointing & Groundwork - Pirbright Electrical ContractorsExcavations, Trenching, Jointing & Groundwork - Pirbright Electrical ContractorsJointing & Groundwork - Pirbright Electrical Contractors




Main Services

  • Lightning conductor pits,
  • drainage and waste works,
  • underground cables,
  • installation of water and gas services,
  • investigative works & repair to cables,
  • water, soil and gas pipework,
  • installation of almost any buried electric, gas or water feature.

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