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Lightning & Surge Protection

Installations, Repairs, Design & Testing

Over the years Pirbright Electrical Contractors Ltd. have undertaken a vast number of lightning protection installations and testing contracts. These range from regular testing of over 100 schools nationwide to repairs in churches, hospitals, BT buildings and various masts/towers. Our expertise also covers installations in domestic, commercial and industrial premises. Again with our company owned equipment, fully trained and experienced staff and our expert design team we are able to offer you the best and fullest service at a very reasonable price.

** With our new drone surveying services, you can be assured that your existing on roof systems are in good condition & up to standard without the heafty charges associated with cherry pickers & scaffolding**

Surge Protection:

With recent updates to the Electrical Wiring Regulations BS:7671:2018 the need for surge protection has become more prevailant in comercial installations. What you may not know is Lightning Surge Protection has been a requirement of the Lightning Protection Regulatiuons BS:EN:62305 since 2006! Make sure to check any surge protection is up to Lightning Grade Spec before accepting quotations as standard surge protection may not withstand the brunt of a full lightning strike to your building.

Lightning Protection Risk Assessments

Along with Surge Protection, Lightning Protection Risk Assessments have been a requirement for all new installations since 2006 under the Lightning Protection Regulations BS:EN:62305. In partnership with DEHN Lightning Protection Specilaists we are able to offer full in house Lightning Protection Risk Assessments to existing and any unprotected buildings to ensure you are covered in any event.

Recent Projects:

Design and Installation of new lightning conductor system to Telephone/ Commutations Centre for MOD interesting in that the roof of the building is rubber, we utilized special fixings to secure conductors and with extra low resistances required we installed in ground lattice matting for full effectiveness & longevity.

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Lightning Protection Installations, Repairs & TestingLightning Protection Installations, Repairs & Testing

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