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About Pirbright Electrical

Pirbright Electrical Contractors Limited was formed in 1972 to provide electrical contracting services to Government and Local Authorities. Since this time the Company has realised steady growth and now encompasses all electrical services.

Here are just a few of the organizations we are approved contractors for :-

  • Property Services Agency,
  • H.M. Treasury,
  • Inland Revenue,
  • British Gas,
  • H.M. Customs and Excise,
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries,
  • Department of National Heritage,
  • Surrey County Council,
  • Surrey Heath Borough Council,
  • Rushmore County Council,
  • Waverley Borough Council,
  • Woking & Guildford Borough Councils.

The Company is a member of the Electrical Contractors Association, The Joint Industry Board and also The National Inspection Council. Our insurance cover is with the Electrical Contractors Insurance Company.  Our Public Liability Indemnity limit is currently £5,000,000, and our Employers Liability is £10,000,000 for any contract.

The Company offers complete planned maintenance for both mechanical & electrical using the latest computer software.

As well as providing a 24 hour call out service and all of our staff and workforce are security cleared by the M.o.D.

All staff have completed Criminal Records Bureau (CRB).

All staff and workforce are fully qualified to undertake Mechanical & Electrical installation work and are committed to ensuring a high standard of workmanship.

With Pirbright Electrical Contractors purchase of local mechanical contractor F.N.RICE(Pirbright) Ltd in 1993 the company now offers a complete Mechanical & Electrical package to clients.

In 1999 P.E.C SECURITY SYSTEMS LIMITED was formed to further enhance our in house capabilities.They currently have contracts with Guildford Borough Council for door entry systems,and are installing camera systems for MOD also staff are being trained to install crestron campus & building control automation solutions.

In 2010 the company after requests from many of our corporate clients to look into their energy consumption, we decided to move into renewable energy. Hence PIRBRIGHT RENEWABLE ENERGY was formed, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Pirbright Electrical Contractors Ltd, Once again there are certain synergies for example with our part L supervisors, we were already installing heat recovery fans,LED lighting,Trend systems etc and F.N.RICE has been installing solar thermal systems for over 30 years.

In 2011 PIRBRIGHT FACILITIES MANAGEMENT was formed once again as a wholly owned subsidiary of Pirbright Electrical Contractors Ltd this has completed the strategy and now the PIRBRIGHT GROUP of companies is complete. We look forward to developing the PIRBRIGHT brand

Pirbright Electrical Contractors Ltd was formed by Mr. Eric George Love in 1968 after working for Giles Electrical in London for many years as a contracts manager. He was transferred to setup and run the Aldershot office for the new 3 year contract they had won for the Army, As a small boy I was always fascinated to visit the Aldershot office and one name will always bring a smile to my face Mr. Bert Badger the office QS. Derek George Love took over the running the company in 1995 to the present day and now my sons David George Love and Jason George Love have joined the Group of companies even though the turnover may have change from a few hundred in the 1960s to a few million today it still remains a family Business.

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