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Aqumen Defence

Operations and Maintenance Contract

Complete operations repair and maintenance of mechanical and electrical plant, equipment and installations.

Alma and Dettingen Barracks

Land area 52 acres with 48 buildings

Princess Royal Barracks

Land area 144 acres with 50 buildings

Elizabeth Barracks

Land area 94 acres with 85 buildings

Alexander Barracks

Land area 97 acres with 43 buildings

Bisley Ranges

Small land area with 6 buildings

Pirbright Ranges

Land area 253 acres with 53 buildings

Ash Ranges

Land area 283 acres with 47 buildings

Keogh Barracks

Land area 253 acres with 53 buildings

8 Map and Chart

Land area 13 arces with 13 buildings

Queen Elizabeth Park

Land area 37 arces with 38 buildings

Value: £650,000.00 Per year

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